Channeling The Inner Artist With Liquid Chalk


The MooMoo Creative Liquid Chalk Markers are sold in a pack of eight vibrant colors. Since the markers are water-based and 100% non-toxic, they are completely safe for home, office and school use.

“Our liquid chalk markers were designed with the inner artist in mind.” explains Molly who is on the  MooMoo Creative, Customer Delight Team . “Not only are they easy to use for children and adults alike, but the bright colors and smooth ink are ideal for unleashing creative potential. We find that they are most often used for signs, school projects and for simply having fun at home.”

Each marker within the set features a reversible tip which includes a chisel tip for bold designs and a bullet tip for fine details. They can be used on a variety of surfaces including chalkboard signs, windows, glass, plastic and other non-porous surfaces.

The ink within the liquid chalk markers is long lasting, does not drip, run or create any chalk dust. The cleanup process is simple and the ink can be easily wiped away with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

For a limited time, MooMoo Creative will be giving away a package of eight chalk marker stickers along with every purchase. These stickers can add more artistic flair to liquid chalk creations.

The company is proud to provide their customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A full refund is provided if any of our customers are not fully pleased with their purchase. To purchase the MooMoo Creative Liquid Chalk Markers, CLICK HERE to order directly on Amazon.

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