Liquid Chalk Markers – What’s The Fuss?


Liquid Chalk Markers – What’s The Fuss?

They are a fun creative way to write or draw on almost any surface that has not got lots of tiny holes on it, non-porous is the technical term. But we prefer tiny little holes, unless you fall in one and can’t find your way out.

So it could be anything from old glass jam jars, plastic lids, mirrors, windows, metal, whiteboards, so as long as it not porous (tiny little holes) you can create on them. So sadly for chalkboards or painted surfaces they will miss out on all the fun this time, unless you don’t mind the art staying there forever.

Always best to test on a small surface area first.

So What Can I Create?

The list is as long as your creative juices flow for. We have shared some of our favourite ways below to use Liquid Chalk Markers

Messages for loved ones
Shopping lists
Wedding favor labels
Placement labels
Food labels
Homework on mirrors
Shop window displays
Reminders (Almost forgot that one)

If you want to create art that lasts forever then you can create art on stones, use chalk paint on surfaces and draw on top.

Tell Me More

Liquid Chalk Markers are 100% non-toxic chalk ink, they are safe to use and environmentally friendly. They are a water based product which write like a marker and dry like chalk. Making it super easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. There are 8 bright neon colors to choose from; purple, blue, red, pink, green, yellow, orange and white.

Once you use these markers on a surface they will not fade, they like to stay bright and make people smile.

You have a choice of either a chisel or bullet nib, simply reverse it. No dust is created when using this liquid markers so they can be used for allergy and asthma sufferers.

We recommend for use of children aged 3 years+

Our brand of MooMoo Chalk Markers are available exclusively on Amazon at a retail price of $14.95. To sweeten the deal the chalk markers comes with 8 bonus chalk marker stickers! The product is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. For further details and specification about the product or to make a purchase from Amazon, please CLICK HERE

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