Using Chalk Markers In Education


MooMoo Liquid Chalk Markers Helping Parents Tackle Dyslexia!

Parents with children diagnosed with dyslexia now have an ally in the newly launched MooMoo Creative Liquid Chalk Markers.

There is something about using colours that makes learning fun and easier. In fact, studies have shown that poor coloured text is one of the key problems encountered by those with dyslexia.

With 8 brilliant colours, the MooMoo Creative Liquid Chalk Markers feature reversible tips- taking the learning process to a whole new level. They are quite versatile and can be used on a range of surfaces including, glass, windows, chalk boards, metal plastic and most non-porous surfaces. Moreover, these liquid chalk markers 100 % non toxic and quite easy to clean up.

Already, parents have been discovering the learning benefits of the MooMoo Liquid Chalk Markers. Mother of 3, Jane A, summed up the overall effectiveness of the chalk markers. She said:

“MooMoo Creative liquid chalk markers have been a blessing. We have found them to be the most effective way to teach our dyslexic son to write and spell. He had great fun writing on the windows and we love how easy it is to wipe off. His teachers were delighted with his achievement in class but most of all our son is much more confident with all the progress he has been making.”

The MooMoo Liquid Chalk Markers are affordably priced at $14.95 and comes with a bonus of 8 chalk marker stickers to boost the learning process. For further details or to purchase a pack of these liquid chalk markers, please CLICK HERE to purchase on Amazon.

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